Hey there, name's Dodger!
24 years old | she/they

I'm a furry in IT who likes to draw and play video games as a hobby. I draw a lot of fandom art and OC content! I specialize in fluffy women.

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(Updated June 13, 2024)

Availability: CLOSED

Status: cleared most of queue but still working.
yknow, between being full time now, running the store, and doing classes :^)
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Last opening April 2024
Next opening TBD

Colored Doodles

Standard: Starts at $5 USD

Available on Ko-Fi only

A "pay what you want" style rough sketch doodle, roughly colored and possibly simplified depending on the complexity of the character

  • Colors can be normal, vibrant, or muted and may vary by piece

  • Length of character can range from headshot, to half body, to full body depending on how much the buyer pays

  • Price paid is a variable to how much TLC the doodle gets

Flat coloring

Icon: $20 USD

Half body: $40 USD

  • Additional character: $10 USD

Full body: $50 USD

  • Additional character: $25 USD

Shaded Coloring

Icon: $35 USD

Half body: $70 USD

  • Additional character: $25 USD

Full body: $85 USD

  • Additional character: $40 USD

Lil Cheebs

Standard: $15 USD

  • Add shading $5 USD

Available on Ko-Fi only

Chibi/stick figure styled characters with simple cell-like shading and minimal lighting. Most character features are simplified to avoid complexity and to be more visually pleasing (such as more rounded fur patterns, or not exactly accurate placement).

All orders will be sent a version with a solid color background and a transparent version with a white border around the character.

Glamrock Your Character (GYC)

Standard: $25 USD

Available on Ko-Fi only

Let me turn your character into a Glamrock Animatronic! Characters will be drawn just like examples. Loose/sketchy line art and shading with glowing features. Glitch overlay is optional. Half body only. Mostly artistic liberty.


Standard: $125 USD

Available in two styles:
Anthro Style (pictured left)
Plush Style (pictured right)

Simple style references available in two alternate styles to choose from. Character is displayed front and back, drawn symmetrically, with a small bio and color palette. Flat colors only - shading is NOT an option.

PNG Tuber

Standard: $80 USD

  • Extra expression +$5 USD per

  • Moved/redrawn parts +$10 USD per

  • Different outfit +$20 USD per

  • Different pose +$30 USD per

  • Full-body length +$50 USD

Available on Ko-Fi only

This commission is ONLY available in FLAT COLOR. Four images of your character in half-body length with eyes open and closed and mouth open and closed with their respective combinations. Base price starts at $80. References REQUIRED.
*Made for Veadotube Mini


Available in packs:
1 emote for $15 USD
2 emotes for $28 USD
4 emotes for $50 USD

Available on Ko-Fi only

Chibi version of your character in an expressive emote! Compatible for Discord or Twitch use. References REQUIRED. Static images only. Animated emotes are NOT an option.
*No more than 4 emotes for an order.

NSFW Available

All NSFW orders will have a fee of +10% that will apply to all commission types. For NSFW examples of my work, follow the button below.
You must be over the age of 18 to access this page.

Feral Character Discount

Non-anthro characters will receive a discount of -20% off of the character! This can apply to all commission types except icons.

(Prices and discounts last adjusted 08/04/2023)


Below are some examples of my NSFW work in various commission types. Ordering a NSFW piece will result in a +10% NSFW fee added to the invoice.

Terms of Service


  • NSFW






  • GORE





β€’ By commissioning me, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age.β€’ All commissions must be paid in full upfront. PayPal only. I will ask for your PayPal email to request your payment.β€’ My prices are USD and non-negotiable unless I have spoken to you directly regarding an exception.β€’ I aim to have all orders completed within 30 days time after payment.* Historically, it could take me any time ranging from a few days to a few months to complete a drawing after the payment has been received. Please be aware that my schedule may be overwhelmed at times. If you need to have your order completed by a certain time and date, please let me know. Having a specific due date may require an additional rush fee. Any delays will be alerted to personally prior to the 30 day mark.β€’ Any and all commissions will be available for progress tracking via my Trello queue. This includes Ko-Fi orders. Commissioners using the order form will receive a link to their Trello card in the invoice. Ko-Fi commissioners will receive the link via Ko-Fi DMs or alternative provided contact. Please use this to check in on your order before contacting me directly. If you have any issues, it is only then you can DM me or leave a comment on your card, whichever you choose. It is recommended, though not necessary, the commissioner has a Trello account to enable notifications for updates and ability to comment on their card.β€’ You have 48 hours to pay before the spot is forfeited and given to someone else. This countdown starts upon first contact when I alert you that I am taking your commission order.β€’ Please don’t take offense if your commission isn't selected. I can only take on a limited quantity, so please be understanding.β€’ Refunds are allowed to be requested ONLY if the commission has not been started. After the commission is in progress, I have full rights to deny a refund. If it is not completed, a compromise may be made for a partial refund depending on the circumstances. All discussions following situations like this should be done in a mature manner.β€’ If you wish for your order to be private, it must be stated during the ordering process. Otherwise, when posting your commission publicly, your given username will be attached to the description and/or title.β€’ I reserve the right to refuse service or cancel a commission to those who are exceptionally rude, cannot clearly communicate what they are wanting done, or have been known to back charge commissions once completed.β€’ If your commission must be due by a certain date, a rush fee will be applied according to how soon the deadline is. I have the right to decline an order if there is too short of a time allowance.β€’ At this time, there are no royalty fees for commercial use of your commission order. I only ask that you credit me as an artist appropriately.β€’ I am allowed to deny a commission request. Sending me money and forcing me to draw will only result in me returning your money to you.β€’ I will not be drawing weapons/machinery, or anything I deem to be a complex design. Otherwise, I am very open and welcome characters such as furries, humans, and OCs of most species. NSFW is an available option.β€’ References are required. If you lack a reference of the character I have every right to deny your request. A partial reference may be considered β€” feel free to ask me any questions via any of the contact methods provided.β€’ I manage my commissions by slots and queues. First come first serve slots will be specified in the post when commissions open. By default, if there are several orders submitted, I will pick from the ones that I feel most comfortable with.β€’ I will keep availability posted at all times via Twitter and FurAffinity. Updates on commissions overall can be found on my main website.β€’ Real life characters (photo references of an actual human being) are allowed, but please be sure the person in the image has consented to being drawn. I reserve the right to ask for proof of consent.β€’ Please be prepared to answer any questions I may have about your character(s) such as personality, mood, or relationship. Commission progress will be halted until an answer is received. Trello card will be marked accordingly with the "Response Needed" tag.β€’ If you are to use my art on social media or for self promotion purposes, please make sure to credit me where people can see it. If you are to post your commission publicly, I prefer you to use the version with a signature unless it is cosmetic (such as an icon, banner, background, etc.)β€’ After a commission is finished I prefer to send you the image files over email for the best quality. I will send you a version with and without my signature. If you are to post your commission publicly, I prefer you to use the version with a signature unless it is cosmetic (such as an icon, banner, background, etc.)β€’ Major altering of the original work is not allowed including, but not limited to: Cropping my signature/name out, tracing the original image, paying another artist to complete/further detail the original, changing the characters outs without contacting me.β€’ My art is NOT permitted to be used for any AI, NFT, or cryptocurrency purposes.β€’ Clients are not permitted under any circumstances to use any part of commissioned work in any block-chain related technology including non fungible tokens (NFT), cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space. Using any commissioned work is also strictly prohibited from use in any advertising or profits associated with block-chain related technology including non fungible tokens (NFT), cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space.β€’ Any aspect of work may not be used to train, validate, or test any neural network or artificial intelligence. Doing so is in violation of terms against alteration and external non private use of assets created for clients.β€’ Purposefully issuing a chargeback without contacting me to cancel/refund a project will result in immediate blacklisting for you as well as your email address, and anyone sharing your PayPal account, including side accounts.β€’ If for any reason your PayPal account malfunctions or authorizes a refund request without your knowledge, you must contact me as soon as possible in order to resolve the issue.*This timeline is subject to change in the upcoming months due to changes in my workplace outside of art and commissions. Exception to the 30 day rule is PNG Tubers, following up to a 60 day timeline to ensure the quality of your character.

Commissioning me is an agreement that you understand all of the above information declared in this Terms of Service.

(TOS last updated 04/15/2024)

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I have both Ko-Fi and Etsy storefronts for sales.Ko-Fi is mostly used for digital downloads and pre-order periods.
Etsy is my public storefront for all domestic and international sales in stock.

Besides just the shop, I also keep slots open for Lil Cheebs, GYC and more on the Ko-Fi store as specialty commissions.




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